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This post will be continually updated in an effort to collect recommended resources to readers of varying levels of interest and experience in Bitcoin. Mastering the Lightning Network: A Second Layer Blockchain Protocol for Instant Bitcoin Payments 1st Edition authored by Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Read for free online: Buy on Amazon: Mastering Bitcoin, … Read more

The Problem with Banks, Intermediaries and Custodial Services

Your compromised privacy Every time you buy or sell digital assets on a domestic or foreign exchange you leave a detailed digital trail behind. That’s because your identify has been carefully verified during the compulsory Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification the exchange had to perform at the time you registered. And that’s not all. The registration process … Read more

Be Your Own Bank with Bitcoin and Digital Assets!

“It Is Becoming Irresponsible To Have No Exposure To Bitcoin” – Anthony Pompliano Anthony Pompliano’s statement has become more relevant than ever. That’s because governments around the world have started injecting massive amounts of fresh money into their economies. They refer to it as Quantitative Easing (QE). Unsurprisingly, a government printing new bank notes is … Read more

How To: Run Bisq on a USB Flash Drive

Always attempting to protect my privacy, I prefer to run portable versions of sensitive windows client software using a USB flash drive over installing software directly on a computer. Using portable software on a flash drive has two advantages: You can take your software and associated data anywhere and run it on any computer simply … Read more

Bisq Needs Broad Adoption

Bisq is the only true decentralized exchange platform I’m a huge fan of Bisq because it’s the only true decentralized and censorship-resistant exchange platform without the need for registration, Know-Your-Customer verification (KYC) or intermediaries as it allows traders to buy and sell bitcoin for fiat either in person or using one of the many available … Read more

Bisq: A True, Free Open-Source DEX Platform

Bisq is a great, free, open-source desktop software client and what I believe to be the only true, decentralized exchange platform (DEX) currently available to buy and sell bitcoin for national currencies, protecting your privacy like no other platform. The software is also actively maintained and new versions are being released in regular intervals. From … Read more

How To: Buy/Sell BTC P2P with Mycelium

This is a simple step-by-step guide explaining how to use the Mycelium software wallet to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) privately through peer-to-peer exchange. Peer-to-Peer exchange, or P2P in short, means you directly meet your exchange partner in person without the services of a broker or intermediary. The Mycelium mobile app is available for free … Read more

Bitcoin is the New Gold

Bitcoin is the newest technology to serve the function of money. Like gold, Bitcoin is an ideal store of value but has several major advantages over gold. What makes Bitcoin the new gold? Like gold – and even more so – Bitcoin is a scarce resource, it is extremely difficult to increase the supply of … Read more